Public Notices & Information

RE: Winter Water Update

Friant Water Authority will be performing maintenance work on the Friant-Kern Canal this winter.  The canal is scheduled to be dewatered from approximately November 7, 2022 through the end of February 1, 2023

Terra Bella Irrigation District will rely entirely on our limited well capacity to meet the domestic water demand through November, December, and January.  In the past we have experienced short periods of water user’s demands larger than our wells are able to supply.  Therefore, we are requesting your assistance at this critical time; we need everyone to practice good water conservation.  Please limit your water use to essential in-home purposes, and to the extent possible eliminate non-essential use, such as washing vehicles, sidewalks or driveways, or watering lawns.

Please be reminded that no irrigation or frost protection will be available during this time. Any irrigation or frost protection water used will be subject to a $1,000 penalty for each illegal use.

With the winter months fast approaching, we would like to take this opportunity to remind you that your water meter, along with Double Check Valve Assemblies (DC’s) or Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Prevention Devices (RP’s) that may be installed with your water service meter may require protection from frost damage. Repairs and maintenance of DC’s and RP’s are the responsibility of the property owner.  Therefore, you may want to wrap the devices in insulation, or provide other means to protect them from frost damage.  (Frost protection by use of hay is not advisable since wet hay accelerates corrosion.)

Your cooperation is appreciated.  With everyone working together, our water supplies will be sufficient to get us through until February when the canal is scheduled to resume normal water deliveries.

PUBLIC NOTICE Please take notice that the Board of Directors of the Terra Bella Irrigation District (TBID) has approved water transfers for reasonable and beneficial use within the Friant Division service area to other Central Valley Project water contractors of up to 18,000 acre-feet of TBID’s water under its Central Valley Project water supply contract with the United States Bureau of Reclamation for contract year 2022 beginning March 1, 2022.  Environmental review of the transfers has been completed, but acknowledgment of the Secretary of the Interior is required. These transfers are authorized under Section 3405(a) of the Central Valley Project Improvement Act (Title 34 of Public Law 102-575), and in accordance with the terms and requirements of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation’s “Interim Guidelines for Implementation of the Water Transfer Provisions of the Central Valley Project Improvement Act”. Members of the public are invited to submit comments, ask questions or provide relevant information concerning the proposed transfers described in this notice.  The deadline for responding to this notice shall be April 30, 2022.